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As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, 100% of the money contributed will go directly to supporting The Inflammation Foundation and to reaching the goals outlined in our mission statement. All donations are tax deductible. Please follow the link above to make a secure donation through PayPal. The receipt from online donations (either by PayPal or credit card) can be used for IRS redemption purposes when filing annual income taxes. In addition, we will provide donor acknowledgement letters for all donations (monetary or otherwise) via email when contact information is made available. All receipts and letters meet the IRS Charitable Contributions – Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements as an approved, tax-exempt charitable organization.  

While donations of all sizes are encouraged (every penny helps), we can work with larger donors in a unique manner that others cannot. With other foundations that support this type of research, your money goes into a pot that you do not control. Subsequently, the money is given to research proposals that you do not ever review or approve, which means that you could be funding work you believe is wasteful or think may never work. If you donate a larger sum of money to The Inflammation Foundation, however, we can work directly with you or your organization to tailor the project to EXACTLY what research you would like to be done. 

You will meet with a scientist and discuss possible research projects, a proposal will  be written to fit your budget, and you will be kept up to date on the work as it progresses with regular summary update reports and meetings. In addition, you or your organization will be recognized directly on publications, when the research is presented at meetings around in the USA and the world, and in any press coverage that results from the work. If interested in this opportunity, please contact us directly to schedule an appointment.