Tai Chi to Treat Lupus

SMILE study participant commenting on the effects on stress


“If my level of anxiety raises unexpectedly, I have this amazing tool that I can use to focus myself and not bottle it up so tight that I break out in a rash…over the last 30 years that I had this disease, I have found that stress in the number one thing that really affects how healthy I am.” 

SMILE study participant commenting on the exercise component


“I thought at first it was going to be too much for me; too much exercise and too much movement because my body hurts, but it isn’t too much and I can take it at my own pace. It is working for me personally and I enjoy doing it.”

Curcumin Nutraceutical Therapy

Matthew Young, RPh


"My name is Matthew Young. As a pharmacist and co-founder of The Inflammation Foundation, I stand behind our curcumin therapy. After 2 shoulder and 2 knee surgeries, I wanted to remain active, but suffered from chronic joint pain due to inflammation. I used The Inflammation Foundation's curcumin therapy daily and saw a transformative improvement because of decreased pain and stiffness. This enabled me to get back to some of the activities I enjoy doing most!"

Psoriatic Arthritis Pateint


"I have suffered from Psoriatic arthritis for the past 15 years. I tried all kinds of drug therapy, including biologics (such as Humira), but nothing worked. The pain contributed to me slipping into an alcohol addition, which only made my overall health status worse. Beginning 6 months ago, I took the curcumin supplement supplied by The Inflammation Foundation and have seen miraculous improvements in my condition. I can happily say that I am now sober and have been living a pain-free life for the past 4 months."